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Volunteer Application Process



  1. Complete the Online BMC Volunteer Application
  2. Soon after you submit the application, please send two (2) reference letters to [email protected]. Reference letters should be no more than a paragraph in length and speak to the applicant’s interest in volunteering at BMC as well as their strengths as a volunteer. Reference letters can be written by anyone other than a relative of the applicant. They can be emailed directly by the reference or emailed in PDF format if submitted by the applicant.

BMC volunteerInterview

  1. Selected applicants will be notified of times for a phone interview. Phone interviews are generally about 20 minutes to confirm information on your application and find out a little more about you and your interest in volunteering.
  2. Applicants may then be brought in for an in-person interview with a Volunteer Services Team Member to determine placement in a volunteer role.

Once the application and references have been received please allow two weeks for the application to be reviewed. Please note that we receive more applications than available positions and therefore cannot guarantee placement for all who apply.


  1. After confirming placement in a position, volunteers will need to make an appointment with the Working Well Clinic/Occupational Health where they will present a hard copy of their immunizations. They will then notify Volunteer Services to schedule an orientation. 
  2. After receiving clearance from the Working Well Clinic, the volunteer will attend a volunteer orientation with Volunteer Services.
    Volunteers will then be able to obtain their ID badge and establish a start date.

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