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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

We will provide consistently excellent and accessible health services to all in need of care regardless of status or ability to pay – exceptional care, without exception.

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Our Core Purpose
Exceptional care. Without exception.

Our core purpose is the single unifying objective that drives our culture, activities and strategy – this internal benchmark sets the tone for our growth and a successful future.

Boston cityscape

Our Vision 2030
Make Boston the healthiest urban population in the world.

Our Vision 2030 is an important single long term goal (10-30 years) which will require rigorous innovative work with our community, with our patients and with each other.

Our Core Values

Our values guide our behaviors, decision-making, goals and performance at BMC. These are the beliefs and behaviors practiced that reinforce our culture.

built on respect powered by empathy
  • Above all, care
  • What matters to you?
move mountains
  • Make it happen
  • We ask why. We ask why not.
many faces create our greatness
  • Inclusion always
  • Diversity is our heart and soul.