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Trainings We Offer

If you are interested in scheduling a training with us, please contact us at [email protected] or 617.414.4247.

Quote from staff survey about not knowing how to care for a patient with ASD
from a BMC staff survey

In partnership with The Autism Program’s Parent Leadership in Autism Network (PLAN), we offer free ongoing training opportunities to a range of clinicians, staff, and trainees throughout Boston Medical Center and the Boston University Medical Campus. As part of our training program, parents share their personal stories and unique insight about what can be done to improve the patient experience for those with ASD.

Our trainings cover topics including:

  • Concrete tips for interacting with patients with ASD
  • How to address the sensory needs of patients with ASD in a clinical space
  • Approaches for communicating with patients with ASD
  • Caregiver perspectives on caring for a child with ASD
  • Overview of ASD and related supports and services


Trainings to Date

  • Autism 101 and Parent Panel Presentation
    • 3rd year Medical Student Psychiatry rotation (ongoing November 2017-present)
    • Genetic Counseling Students (ongoing September 2018-present)
    • Goldman Dental School, Pediatric Residents, "Management of Dental Patients with Special Health Care Needs" course (ongoing October 2017-present)
  • Sensory Toolbox Training
    • Security Officers (ongoing October 2018-present)
    • 4th year Dental Students (ongoing June 2018-present)
    • Pediatric Emergency Department Staff (ongoing April 2018-present)
  • Steven J. Parker Memorial Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Conference: Making Your Practice Autism Friendly, March 2018
  • Autism Friendly Initiative Overview, Division of General Academic Pediatrics, October 2017
  • Autism Friendly Initiative Overview, Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, September 2017
  • Autism Friendly Initiative Overview, Child Protection Team Rounds, September 2017



Training Feedback: Student Perspectives

“The training reinforced the importance of listening to both the patient and the parents, and treating the person and not their disability.”

“I previously considered becoming a developmental specialist, and this really reinvigorated that desire.”

“I will now be more likely to remember HOPE, listening to parents, and finding a way to ‘make it work.’”

-Medical Student Testimonials